Job-Site Services

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Job-site services can be defined as;

Any job or service that is preformed on-site, to prepare for, to support, or to clean up after, a new construction, remodeling, repair, restoration or other project requiring professional assistance. 

Based on the knowledge gained in over 35 years of construction experience, Festival Services Corporation provides its customers with a full range of Job-site services,  

 These services include but are not limited to; 

  • Asphalt & Concrete saw-cutting, coring, break-out and  removal. 
  • Correction of drainage problems.
  • Egress window installation.
  • Excavation for all projects.
  • Foundation repairs and waterproofing.
  • Grading and hauling for all projects.
  • Junk & rubbish pick-ups and disposal.
  • Landscape repair and restoration.
  • landscape and hardscape relocation.
  • Manhole adjustments and repairs.
  • Bulk material delivery; sand, gravel, topsoil, wood chips, mulch, bricks, stone, sod and trees and bushes.
  • Pre-demolition material reclaimation and recycling.
  • Post construction clean ups and site restoration.
  • Silt fence Installation.
  • Site access roads. 
  • Site clearing & clean-up.
  • Site restoration.
  • Site prep, 
  • Storm water management.
  • Sump pit and draintile installation.
  • Tree protection fencing.
  • Utility trenching.
  • Underground boring.
  • Water & sewer service, disconnects, repairs and upgrades.

If the service you need is not listed, just ask, we do more.


Festival Services Corporation provided several job site services for this fire damaged home in Wilmette, including water and sewer disconnects, site access road, demolition, materials recycling and backfill of the site.


Installation of water & sewer lines to a new home in Wilmette are only part of the services provide for this project, Festival Services Corporation started with the disconnects and taps for the new services, restored the roadway, sidewalk and curb, cleared the site, excavated for the new foundation and garage, backfilled and rough graded the site.


For this project Festival Services Corporation assisted in the installation of a new in ground grease trap, manhole and the underground piping for a restaurant in Glenview,  our services included , saw cutting of the parking lot, removal of the asphalt surface, opening of the restaurant floor, excavation, setting of the manhole basin and pipe, backfill, trucking of spoils, hauling of washed gravel for backfill, restoration of the parking lot and the resturant floor including the ceramic tile.


Festival Services Corporation is equipped for small to medium sized projects